Bidder Robot Features

Bids Automatically

Bidder Robot bids for you without having to touch the mouse.

Set bid limits


Tell Bidder Robot not to exceed a specified number of bids on an item while it bids




Set price limits


Tell Bidder Robot at what price it should start bidding on the item and at what price it should stop.




Bid on multiple Auctions simultaneously

Open multiple tabs and let Bidder Robot bid on multiple auctions at once.

Auction Control Bar

View and bid on auction directly from the control bar.

Set fractions of seconds

Bidder Robot recognizes fractions of seconds, So you can bid 1.6 seconds before the end of the auction.

Bid History

Keep track of bidders and their history of bids on the auction.

Auction Watch List

Add auctions you like to your dashboard and monitor them from a single view.

Advanced Strategy Scripting

Script your own advanced strategy of when to bid. Build conditions and triggers as complex as you like.