What is Bidder Robot?

Bidder Robot is a software that helps you bid on penny auction sites. You download it and install it on your machine. You tell it which auction to bid on and it will do the bidding for you without having to constantly click the mouse. It offers many other features as well.

What websites does it work with?

It works with over 100 websites. Here is a complete list of supported penny auction sites.

How do I use it?

Download the software

Install it

Launch it from the start menu

Navigate to the penny auction site you wish to bid on(ex:quibids.com)

Navigate to the item you want to bid on. This is the actual auction page

Enter your name in the Your Name field. This is important so you don't bid against yourself.

Set the maximum number of bids you want to spent on the item.

Set the time to bid. This tell Bidder Robot when you bid. An example is 00:03 which means when the timer is at 3 seconds left.

Click on Start Bidding

What is the difference between the Free and Premium version?

The free version will show you a dialog after 10 automatic clicks. Also, the premium features are not included. Premium features include Bidding History and Friends and Foes.

Will I win if I use the program?

Not necessarily. The program is designed to help you bid ans automate clicks for you so you can improve your endurance in auction. Also gives you an opportunity to take bathroom breaks and not lose the auction.

What if I don't see my site on your list, can I request that you support the site I use?

Yes. We are more than happy to support your site. You may request access to your site from here

Is there a discount for Bidder Robot?

We give you $20 if you refer a friend. If you give us the email address of one of the friends that purchased the program, we will give you the discount.

Is there a refund?

We offer refund within 7 days of purchase. When refunded, your license will be disabled and your money program goes back to the free version.