Automatic Bidder for Penny Auctions

Bidder Robot makes it possible for bidders to automate bidding clicks on online penny auction sites.

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How Bidder Robot Works

Bidder Robot is a software you install on your machine that will help you place automatic bids on penny auctions sites. This application is designed to help you win more penny auctions by improving your odds. The appliciation will ask you for the site you want to use. You will identify the budget, number of clicks etc that you wish and Bidder Robot will bid for you without you having to touch the mouse.


The site will work on some of the best auctions sites (US and Brasil and International) such as QuiBids, Beezid, Swoopo, BidCactus, RockyBid, Biddees, orangebidz, zbiddy, BidFire, BidHere, BidPunk, BidSauce, BidStick, Bowhip, DibZees, Gankit, GunVegas, OutlawBidder and others.


Features of the Bidder Robot include:


  1. Sniping - Bidder Robot has a built-in auction sniper with ability to bid last second on a penny auction.
  2. Auto Bidding- Bids automatically on auctions.
  3. Bidding History- Show bidders' history on the auction you are on.

Bidder Robot is available on a free version.


With referrals you may qualify for free bids.


Set Your strategy

Lock your target

Experience the magic

Tell Bidder Robot which auction and item to bid on, who your friends and foes are, and specify many other options.

Tell it which penny auction you're interested in winning and it will fight for you.

Watch bidder robot do the bidding for you while you sit back and relax or even take a nap.





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Download Bidder Robot (free)